Quality Control Standards

Our Quality Control Department is responsible for quality testing of Stone materials and finished products before shipment, All stone products are being checked and inspected seriously by our professional and skilled Quality Controller (QC), according to strict quality control system during processing, packaging, container loading, Our supervisors take and send the photos of stone products, goods packing, container loading to customers in each and every shipment.


As a worldwide supplier & exporter we maintained an excellent quality and delivery record and we are:
• A CE Certified Products’ Company
• An ISO 9001:2008 (QMS) Certified Company
• An ISO 14001:2004 (EMS) Certified Company for Environmental friendliness
• An ISO 18001:2007 (OHSAS) Certified Company occupational health and safety performance

Meanwhile, we also welcome clients to monitor product quality by either personally visiting our production areas or employing third party independent inspection companies like BVQI, SGS etc. for Pre-Shipment Inspection & Container Loading Supervision. Your each order will be followed and monitored from beginning to end by experienced QC inspectors to ensure quality standards and punctual delivery. For more information about our products and services, please visit us or contact us directly. We will offer you superior quality products at best price.

Polishing: Polishing will be uniform throughout the slabs/tiles and in glossometer as:
For black granite slabs / tiles : polishing +95 in glossometer
For colored granite slabs/ tiles : polishing +85 in glossometer
There should be no grinding wheel marks on the polished face.

Flaming: Flaming will be uniform throughout the slabs/tiles and brushed (if ordered) evenly on slabs after flaming.

+/-1.0mm in tolerance for cut to size granite tiles & slabs;
+/-0.5mm in tolerance for calibrated and bevelled granite tiles

Diagonal out: +/- 0.5mm in tolerance for tiles

If length <= 400mm, flatness tolerance: +/-0.2mm
If 400mm < length < 1000, flatness tolerance: +/- 0.5mm
If length >= 1000mm, tolerance: +/- 0.8mm

Length and Width: +/- 0.5mm in tolerance for tiles and slabs (not apply to the random edge slabs)

Front Edge Defect: Strictly not allowed for any material any slabs and tiles.

Front Corner Defect: Strictly not allowed for slabs and tiles.

Unpolished Side: The unpolished side of the slab/tiles should be flat and smooth.

Cracks: Strictly not allowed for any stone products slabs and tiles.