No matter where you want to ship our granite stones our professional packaging team insures by proper packing our stones reach the destination safe and damage free.We believe that our mission is not complete by cutting stone but by getting full customer satisfaction in transit and unloading.

All components are carefully hand packed on to timber pallets; each layer of products is separated using timber laths wrapped in non – staining impact foam with individual products being separated by polystyrene spacers. Each window component is individually marked to identify its build position.

The pallet is then shrunk – wrapped and carefully banded to ensure that each component is secured within a taut and stable pack. Each pallet will be accompanied with a consignment note to identify the components within the pallet and its destination/ plot number.

Each pallet is then carefully moved to our storage area where it is kept until it is required for delivery to site.


Standard Packaging

Each wooden crate is first inlined with polythene to protect stones from staining from wooden planks or from any other feature, then it is inlined with foam-sheet. This is a fundamental preliminary packing used for all our wooden crates irrespective of the type of stone packed
Our stone is packaged to secure and protect the product in transit.
  We offer a combination of 2 ton and 1 ½ ton pallets standard.


Packaging of Pavers

In case of outdoor stones like flagstones, landscaping stones, circles, etc which are basically rough stones, they are directly stacked in the wooden crates. Any loose gaps are tightened with filling material like wood, hardboard, foamsheet, etc to protect stone slabs/tiles from colliding with each other.


Packaging of Polished Tiles

In case of polished stones, surface of each slab/tile is protected by using a paper cloth or 2mm-foam while tightly stacking them in a wooden crate. This protects the polished surface of stones from scratching due to abrasion of dust particles between two tiles

Packaging of Slabs and Counter tops

Squared slabs of the same bundle are packed together in wooden frames or set on metal stands depending on the means of transportation; whether by container or truck.


Packaging of steps




Packaging of TilesAs per international Norms, we pack our stone tiles directly in fumigated wooden crates, each tile is to be separated by soft paper strips which will avoid friction during the transit. We put polythene sheet as a cover on each wooden crate / wooden pallet and then we tight each wooden crate with iron / plastic strip. Inside the container the wooden crates are being tightly chocked / fastened to each other so that the boxes can not shift



Packaging of Thinner Tiles

In case of 10mm or 15mm tiles which are very thin to break, 6-10 such tiles are first packed in cardboard boxes. These boxes are then tightly stacked in the wooden crate. Cardboard boxes provide additional cushion to the thin tiles and prevent them from breakage. In case of softer but costlier stones like polished marble or granite tiles in 10mm thickness, 5-10 such tiles are first packed in Styrofoam (thermocol) boxes and then tightly stacked in wooden crate.


Customized Packaging

We offer option of customized packaging to our customers. At the time of order placement, customers can ask us for any specialized or customized packing requirements which will be duly fulfilled to the best capacity.

We continuously strive to further improve our packaging methods as we learn from our customers. We welcome feedback from all customers. We understand that the cost of packing is minimal against the cost of stones and customer satisfaction. Our quality of packing directly reflects the quality of stones we produce



Marking on the crates: Each of our wooden crate have a mark indicating Name of the Material, Billing Sizes, Quantity of Slabs / Tiles in a crate / bundle, Block number from which the slabs came.


Approximate weight of granite / marble for the calculations: Thickness 10 mm - 27 kg/m2, thickness 20 mm - 58 kg/m2 , thickness 30 mm - 85 kg/m2, blocks 2700 kg/m3


Allowable load weight of natural stone in containers:
For European destination we always put 27 metric tons in the container
For USA destination we always put 21 metric tons in the container


Container Capacities: Although we load the weight and quantity as per our client's instructions but usually we packing and ship the containers with following quantities:
10 mm thick tiles - 800 Sq. Mtrs. in the container
20 mm thick tiles / slabs - 410 Sq. Mtrs. in the container
30 mm thick tiles / slabs - 285 to 310 Sq. Mtrs. in the container


Dimensions of the GP container: The Shipping of stone products is done in 20 ft long containers and the dimension of the GP container is -

20' GP Container Dimensions Millimetres Feet
Inside Dimensions Length 5885 19'4''
Width 2350 7'8''
Height 2403 7'10''
container sizes




To move Stone around the site. Please read the following guidelines:

Pallets should be stored on flat ground and not double stacked.

The shrink-wrap cover should be carefully removed by cutting; this will avoid damaging the edges of the components. Once opened pallets should be left covered to afford protection to the components against water and/or dirt.

Products should not be stored face to face without the use of a suitable packaging material.

After installation, it is recommended that masonry products be protected against damage from other on-site work.


Packs should always be lifted using the pallet. It is recommended that suitable handling forks should have a width of 90mm and a length of 1100mm.