Granite is one of the hardest surfaces on earth. It can only be scratched by a diamond or another piece of granite with a harder density. Granite is not damaged by heat and when sealed properly it will not stain. Bottom line is the stone is millions of years old and will last for millions of years more.

We cut the granite tiles to our customer specifications and requirement, below is our standard size. For other sizes not in the list below please contact our sales department.


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No matter where you want to ship our granite stones our professional packaging team insures by proper packing our stones reach the destination safe and damage free.We believe that our mission is not complete by cutting stone but by getting full customer satisfaction in transit and unloading.

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As with Television sets, the bigger the granite slab the more beautiful it is, if you like to own a piece of art that last for millions of years than look no further than our granite slabs. Each with their own unique design and color, and grain structure it offers a near endless variety of different patterns of veins, specks and swirls. It also resists heat, and scratches and stains. Perfect for decorating your kitchen counter-tops or your bathroom.


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There is noting more durable or more breathtaking than the beauty of natural stone. Granite pavers can create the effect of refinement and permanence. Granite has been used historically in buildings and monuments and burial sites, such as the ancient pyramids of Egypt which shows the durability of granite stone. Granite pavers deliver beauty and hardness available in variety of colors. It is a great substitute for asphalt , and it offers more advantages than the asphalt  and concrete pavers , although the initial cost is higher than the asphalt but in long-term it is actually cheaper than the black asphalt.

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Quality Control Standards

Our Quality Control Department is responsible for quality testing of Stone materials and finished products before shipment, All stone products are being checked and inspected seriously by our professional and skilled Quality Controller (QC), according to strict quality control system during processing, packaging, container loading, Our supervisors take and send the photos of stone products, goods packing, container loading to customers in each and every shipment.

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