About us

 About us

Mission Statement

In Sepahan Rosoob Granite using latest cutting edge technology and experienced professionals and by using best raw material and tools we manufacture stone products to customer specification and satisfaction. We believe in producing quality stone such that every architect would choose it to bring his/her design to life,every contractor would want it for his/her customers and every customer be satisfied by our quality in product and service. Sepahan Rosoob Granite has always been and will always be known for its quality, accountability and innovation.

Company Description

Sepahan Rosoob Granite is a private limited company which its focus is manufacturing granite products such worktops, countertops, windows sills,tile, slabs and cubic. We supply a variety of products both custom and standard. We continually update our equipment allowing us to offer products that are unique and of extra value to our customers. Our company is equipped with two Breton Gangsaws and 3 block cutters with a total production capacity of 120,000sqm/year.  

Company History

Since 1975, we have been cutting granite in slab size of 2.2mx3m from 1cm to 12 cm thickness,.